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    Donna Johnson

    Mine too!!! I love my Cutterbees. They have a microtip and are great for all crafting needs.

    Karen Martin

    Favorite(s), cutterbees, sharp!! and the 3 in 1 craft glue - it will adhere anything!

    Erika Herrmann

    I love my ATG gun to adhere looong strips of paper. I just got the Tombo glue from you last week and I've been using that like crazy! How did I live without that glue??

    TJ Jay

    I love my inks for roughing up the edges. I use my New Fiskars paper trimmer the most though.


    I love the glider pro adhesive. Easy to use and to refill. Also....the score pal is wonderful.

    Susan M

    I love my Cutterbees so much that I have 2 pair to use at home (one in the scraptote and one in my sewing box) and another pair at work. They are real lifesavers in the dance studio for trimming threads, detaching ribbons or elastics from ballet slippers, and a 1,000 other tasks. My other favorite tool is a flower shaped sandpaper block for distressing paper. I've had it for 3 or 4 years and I'm afraid its days are numbered.


    I have to say that I love my Cricut. I use it for so much more than just scrapbooking. My husband has even been known to ask me make things for me. I have lots of other favs, but the Cricut is used the most and has the most uses!


    Correction to my previous post...My husband has even been known to ask me to make things for him. (It's hard to type, proofread, and listen to my 5 year-olds long list of needs (wants) all at the same time.) :)

    Alisha Whittington

    Other than what's listed above one thing I always have to have is (I don't know what its called off the top of my head) the sticky die-cut adhesive, you just lay the diecut on the paper and the glue adheres itself so you can stick it on your page.

    Melissa Thigpen

    I know it is past the deadline for the drawing, but I just have to comment about the American Crafts adhesives. I ran out of the sticky stuff at the last Friday night crop and am so glad I did because I had to try This to That and I love it! Great to have a less expensive and readily available adhesive source.

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