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    Melissa Thigpen

    Today I'm taking a little time off from work to go to the Museum of Art and see the first screening of a stop motion animation masterpiece that my son has been creating in animation camp this week. I'm so lucky to have the opportunity to do stuff like this. Nothing is better than those special childhood moments of accomplishment.

    Nedra Smith

    Today the thing that makes me really extra happy is spending time with some great friends from New York. They drove all day yesterday to get here so they could go to the beach with us and help me celebrate my birthday. Thanks Skip and Vicki you are awesome!!!

    Karen S.

    I am going to spend time with my 9 year old daughter. I love being able to see her each day, now that she is not in school. She is growing up TOO fast.


    After work, I am going to grab my boys from the babysitter and go swimming. Seeing my boys smile and playing with them makes me really happy! When Big Daddy comes home, I'm going to take my family to the Big Mo (a drive in) to see Toy Story 3. Spending time with all my boys makes me REALLY happy!

    Karen Martin

    Going to the gym and working on yet another page! Make me feel good to do both!

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