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    I like the pink!

    Nedra Smith

    I like the pink too!!


    if it's scrap Pink, it should be Pink. Besides, I like the Pink


    def the hot pink!!! plus it will be eye-catching ;)


    Odd girl out - I like the black better!


    I also like the black better.... Yep, definately the black....

    Katherine Farrell

    I love both of them but go with the black because it is my fav.


    I'd go for the pink.

    Helen Pruitt

    I love the black - - makes the pink stand out!


    I love the black.


    I prefer the black one, but we need to incorporate a pink ribbon in the shirt. Maybe Save the Girls should be bigger.

    Jo Gainey

    I like the pink and the black, LOL! Either is great! Please get a big girl size for me!


    I like the black since Scrap Pink really stands out.

    Sherry Eldredge

    I also like the black shirt, it does make the pink stand out more !!

    Gidget Douglas

    I like the black. A pink ribbon would also be nice since non scrappers won't know what "Scrap pink" is.


    Robin Traufler

    Both are great but I like the black best but I will get either one.

    Donese Scott

    Looks like pink is the most popular option, but i LOVE black clothing. It's VERY slimming! So count me in for the black.


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