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    you guys clearly work doggone hard to make the crops fun and productive. they are a ball! thanks for letting us know the thought process.

    p.s. (and totally off topic) just read your tweet about the future-scrapadocious-randa. hot dog!!!

    Gidget Douglas

    I'd like to see pink desserts- cookies, cupcakes etc. Also if you could get in any of the Tshirts like Fight like a girl or save the ta-ta's.


    Jo Gainey

    I like your ideas Gidget!


    Already have shirts being made...stay tuned to pre-order those and of course we will have pink goodies! What kind of Scrap Pink would it be without pink everywhere you turn?!?!


    LOVE those ideas gidget- maybe even some PINK nametags or "flags" for our tables. (wink wink) Hey Stacie- is there anyway I can give you a pink shirt and get it printed so it will fit me right? I swear that even if I order a super huge size, it clings to me in all the wrong places, I have that problem when we order shirts at school. Just wondering. :)

    ALSO- I was thinking, maybe you could offer special "crop pink 2010" thermal mugs (since we all use them) to purchase. I was thinking maybe tote bags, but I know atleast for me, I have TONS of totebags, but I could really use a cute scrappin themed thermal mug. Just a suggestion! :)

    kevin kirkwood

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