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    i always loved being able to eat at the crop and not having interrupt my work to take 1-2 hours to go get something elsewhere. with my diet changes, this wasn't really the case for me at the last s4ac, but i still think it's worth keeping. definitely discount those who do all three. the no-frills day was a great way to get a jump start on the weekend, but i would have like a munchie, like popcorn and m&m's. love the make 'n takes and i've never taken a class at s4ac that i didn't enjoy.


    Food for me isn't an issue I can run out and grab something it was just nice not to have too.Like the idea of no frills friday. Love the classes. Some ideas: contest/games , maybe even a theme for the night, would be awesome. The silent auction or raffles of products, bundles & gc for $1 or more a ticket would be great way to get extra money for the cause and I think you won't have much problems raising the money for it :) Can't wait!


    I have never attended Scrap for a Cause, primarily because of the cost (my husband put me on a scrapbooking budget...sigh....) Yet, I have been to quite a few crops both at Scrappin Creations and other places. My priorities are as follows

    1 - I can fit it into my scrapbooking budget
    2 - I can buy stuff as I need it (I LOVE that the shop is next door!)
    3 - Good light,big tables, comfortable chairs
    4 - Diet Pepsi and Chocolate

    As for meals, I could do without - expecially as we are really close to all sorts of resturants. Plus, I'm always paranoid that I would spill something on my projects.

    Classes/make and takes - usually I am so involved in my projects I don't want to pull myself away to do anything else.

    Gift bags, raffles, etc - Now, I don't know a scrapbooker who doesn't like a little stack of goodies. But, I really like the idea of silent auctions and raffles in order to raise more $$$ for the cause.

    Another idea is to have food for sale with proceeds going to the cause as well. For example, Cupcakes and muffins for $3.50 or monster cookies for $2.50. I'd love to buy a little extra special snack knowing the proceeds are going to a good cause.

    No-frills Fridays rock! Sometimes that is the only day I am available to crop.

    Thanks for all you do Stacey and team!


    I like the No Frills Friday, Soda (Diet Pepsi) and light snacks would be great-even if we each brought a bag or bowl to contribute. Goody bags are not important. Games not important. Theme decoration-not important. I just want to get away for a day with other creative people with no interruptions. COST-important.


    No frills Friday was great. Got me pumped up for the remainder of the weekend. I would not mind bringing a snack to share with everyone. It appeared that everyone had their own snacks anyway. I'm with Alisha - there are plenty of food vendors around there so we could go out for meals. To make that even better, would they give you coupons to hand out at your event? You know, come to which which for 10% off your sandwich?

    Classes are great. You guys do a teriffic job sharing new things with us. Maybe some that are a little less costly?

    A discounted rate for all three days would put this over the top! It is great fun, fellowship and a time of learning from others.

    You all do a great job, keep up the good work.


    Missed the last s4ac so I hope I can be here for this one!

    No frills Fridays sounds great! Don't really need food provided either, can be a great way to keep the cost down. Maybe have people bring a snack to share: A-G 2 liters soda, H-O bag of chips, P-Z CHOCOLATE!! I'm in that last group so I will make sure things are hooked up!

    I've never taken a class at s4ac. It takes me so long to get into the groove of things I really shouldn't distract myself.

    A goody bag with coupons for Sandhills eateries would be sufficient, especially if we are on our own for meals.

    A raffle (instead of silent auction) would raise lots of money for this cause. Just think if everyone who came bought $20 worth of tickets, instead of a few people spending $20 on a silent auction item. I would love to donate something PINK for this event!


    Are you sure you want to hear from me. No, actually you guys do a great job putting on a crop and knowing that the proceeds go to a charity is a great plus. I feel that people love the food being there, but they also like to get out. Dinner on Saturday would be nice. With church and people leaving early on Sunday - perhaps Sunday should be no-frills as well (maybe prizes, but no food or just snacks). Discount for all three days is great or and discount coupon for the store for one time purchase. After all proceeds are going to charity. I feel that the scrap-pink should include an additional fee to go directly to Susan G Kormen $5 or $10 and give people a tax receipt with it. You guys do a great job and everyone enjoy themselves. Thanks for letting us have input!

    Emily Skufca

    Is that the same weekend as the First Ladies Race? It seems like all the breast cancer events are always on the same weekend. I have to agree that food is not a big issue for me either as I am always afraid of spilling something. However, you know my girls won't let me come to a crop. How about selling tickets say for $1 or $2 that give you a discount off of an item over that weekend or during the month of October. I would love to support the cause as you know it means a lot to me, but I won't be able to make the event.

    Jo Gainey

    Snacks are fine with me. Angie and I like to go take a break and eat out somewhere. It makes you all fired up to come back and get to work fresh. Maybe if you decide on providing dinner, the crop could be like 5.00 less if you do dinner on your own or something. Maybe you could have Artful Legacy come in again for a class.


    I really enjoyed the crop. However, I do think we could do without the food. Because if it only cost $15 for Friday but $40 on Saturday, I do not feel like I got or ate $25 worth of food. I can go grab something if I get hungry. The classes are nice but way to costly for someone on a budget. I think there should be discount classes if you are at the crop. There should be more contests and make and takes. I think everyone should be treated equal and the crop and there should be no favoritism involved. Just food for thought.


    I like the idea of No Frill Friday since I work until 5 and can't get a full day in. Since you are in the center of a great location food is not a big issue for me. I would much rather have something small and cut the cost on the crops in order to attend more. I would like to see more cricut classes on such how to do layering, getting the most out of the cricut. Classes on glimmer mist would be great.

    I am really excited that I am going to make this crop in October it has been a very long time since I have been to one of yours. Looking forward in seeing the new store as well!

    Tammy Orr

    The Village of Sandhills has so many great places to eat, so why not reduce the price to only include drinks and light snacks. The last two scraps I went out to eat with a group of ladies and loved every minute of it. It's nice to get to know the people you scrap with. Sooo many nice people...Besides, you've had events with food, now try it without...


    I would love a discount for all three days.
    As far as food, no matter to me. As long as drinks (diet coke, etc) and light snacks are available, I'm good!

    Allyson A.

    Yes, this is Allyson- one of the newer FABULOUS scrappin creations-aholics... here's my input.... I have lots of ideas, so I'm just gonna ramble on and just stop reading whenever you want. :)

    First, I absolutely LOVED the last Scrap4aCause! I love that we all have our own tables, and there is a lot of friendly people that come and the seeing everyone being so creative is awesome.

    No thrills day- I think that maybe making Sunday the "no thrills day" instead of Friday would be something to think about because I noticed that there was only like 1/4 the people on Sunday then Friday or Saturday. Or maybe make Friday a no thrills day except for the drinks because not having drinks on Friday was a little rough.

    Food- snacks would be fine with me, maybe veggie trays, chips & dip, chocolate, sweets, fruit, things like that... that we could "graze" on throughout the day would be better use of the money and we could just go and get something to eat on our own, OR maybe don't include the dinner/lunch into the cost and give an option like for example, tell us what you're serving and if we want it, then charge an extra $5 or whatever. But I agree with what a lot of the other ladies were saying that there are a bunch a places at Sandhills to eat, and I found that going and eatting with friends broke up the weekend a little and that was when you really had time to "hangout" with other people. But that's just my opinon.

    Prizes/Goodie-Bags- I'm loving the idea of the raffles, that way each person can give as much or as little as they feel they are able. But making the items the "newest" products or products that lots of people would want would thicken the pot even more...

    Prizes- I'm kinda a cheezy kid when it comes to games. I think its fun to do random games like maybe you could make up some kind of "hunt" for specific things, like give us a list of random things we have to find throughout the day in the crop room and store that would be hidden,I don't know... also, maybe like if you do a raffle for every page you get done in your scrapbook you can get a ticket, or each day have a theme like if you wear a pink shirt on saturday, you get a ticket, bring a bag of chips to share and get a ticket, things like that... Also, maybe you could have some kind of thing where whoever wants to, gets a bag with the same random supplies in it, and you have to make a page out of the supplies, and then the pages are judged and the best one or the best use of the supplies gets a ticket. Something else that might be a cool thing would be like a "supply swap" table, were people can bring things that they bought but don't want (for those of us who have TONS of scrapbooking stuff and we end up not using half of it..) and if you bring something, you can swap it out with someone else's things... kind of like a garage sale but you're just trading supplies. I mean, you'd have to monitor it somehow and also mention to only bring current, nice, useable things- not "junk" that no one will want. (if you know what I mean).

    Price- having a discount if you pay for all 3 days might be something that would be good. I know that once school starts, I won't be able to make the crop during the day on Friday, but like this last crop that was during the summer- I was there right when the doors open on Friday, so a deal would've been cool. Also, like I mentioned earlier, maybe have a price "just for the crop" and a price for the crop "plus meals."

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